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YES! You DO Need a Speaker Website! New Speaker Sites

Need a professional speaker website?

As a professional speaker, if you don't have a website... you're probably losing more customers than you know! And, if you've got one of those sites that was designed by "a friend," you could be doing yourself more harm than good!

Just because you own a small business, it doesn't mean you're stuck with a small-business-looking website. On the internet, we're all equal... which means... now, you can play with the big boys. And WIN!

A well-designed, effective professional speaker's website should:

  • provide useful, relevant (and current!) information
  • be easy-to-navigate and easy-to-look-at
  • contain audio / video clips for your potential clients to review
  • focus on your specific speaking niche or topic
  • clearly explain why YOU are the best professional speaker for the job!

Need a professional speaker website? Let's chat!


Hello! My name is Cynthia Lay, and I've been in the marketing & public relations industry for more than 25 years. I'd be honored to work with you on your fantabulous new website! Let's chat!

-- - -- - -- - --

"Cynthia was able to put together a creative design that I could never
have thought up on my own, all from one of my favorite pictures.
She listened to my vision for my business, and from that gave me
an awesome online presence that no one else could do.

"The creativity and artistic imagination she brings to her website designs,
as well as the time she spends getting to really understand
your business, will show the best side of you and what you do."

~ Tim Gillette, Author, Speaker, Radio Show Host,
Creator of Rock'n'Roll Keys to Business Success

-- - -- - -- - --

"Cynthia Lay is not only one of the sweetest ladies in the universe, but she is also one of the most talented and professional graphic artists I've had the pleasure of working with. She has a way of capturing your authenticity and helping you shine your brightest light!"

~ Janie Lidey, Emmy Award-Winning Song Writer,
Musician, and Inspirational Speaker

-- - -- - -- - --

"Cynthia took me through her process, asking questions about my experience as a business coach and speaker. Through finesse — not stress — she was able to help me refine my 30+ years of experience into a clearly defined and concise niche."

~ Daniel D. Matthews, Founder / CEO of Continue 2 Improve
and SpeakingU, Author, Award-Winning Speaker, World Class Speaking Coach

-- - -- - -- - --

"'AWESOME!' That was the first word out of my mouth when Cynthia unveiled my new speakers bureau website. She flawlessly translated my 'RockStar' visual branding into a more corporate-appropriate design and created something I can really be proud of. Cynthia was easy to work with, very knowledgeable about online marketing, and had great suggestions. I plan to work with her again soon, and I've already referred her to several other potential clients!"

~ Craig Duswalt, Motivational Speaker, Author, Host of RockTalk Radio,
Creator of the RockStar System for Success

-- - -- - -- - --

"There is a one-stop-shop for all of your social media
and web marketing needs and it's Cynthia Lay.

Whether you need a website that gets visitors to take action,
need to make an impact using social media, or need to organize an
event online or offline, there's no better person to turn to than Cynthia Lay.

"Why? It's because some people know how to market. Others know technology. Cynthia Lay is that rare breed who knows both.
She does it all! That's why she's the secret to my success."

~ Craig Valentine, MBA
1999 World Champion of Public Speaking

-- - -- - -- - --

"Cynthia Lay is awesome! She truly wants to understand what you're
about and what you want to convey through your online presence.
She drastically changed the speed of my success.

"She's flexible, honest, and very knowledgeable. I was SO sold on her,
that I ordered TWO websites to be built! And, the best part —
she's become a dear friend through the process!

"I seldom write testimonials,
but this one was the easiest I've ever written.
Don't wait — don't fret about the investment —
go for it and create your KICKASS life!"

~ Christopher Rausch
Creator of The KICKASS Guide to Life

-- - -- - -- - --

"Cynthia has the unique ability to listen well and translate her clients' desires into reality. My new website is everything I wanted and more. I couldn't be happier with her work!"

~ Larry Jacobson, Speaker, Executive Business Coach, Retirement Expert, Award-Winning Author of The Boy Behind the Gate


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Steve Boyd, PhD, Certified Speaking Professional, World Champion of Public Speaking ~

PR/PR Public Relations, a full-service boutique publicity agency specializing in professional speakers, consultants, and non-fiction authors ~

Hybrid Global Publishing / Karen Strauss, CEO, Speaker, Publishing Expert, Author ~

Premier Risk Solutions, an international security consulting, training, and investigative services organization. Michael Delamere, CEO ~

Bob Roitblat, Purveyor of Fine Ideas & Experience (TEDx Speaker, Author, Consultant) ~

Eric Tonningsen, Professional Coach, Author, Speaker, Podcaster ~

Janie Lidey, Emmy Award-winning Songwriter, Inspirational Speaker ~

Katy Tynan, Speaker, Author, the Leading Expert in the Evolution of Work ~

Hank & Sharyn Yuloff, Strategic Marketing Plans, Coaching, and Workshops for Entrepreneurs ~

Susan Weiner, MS RDN CDE CDN, 2015 AADE Diabetes Educator of the Year, Speaker, Coach ~

Chris Kopf, Speaker, Author, Creator of the Resort Real Estate Agent System for Success ~

Craig Duswalt, Motivational Speaker, Author, Radio Host, Creator of the RockStar System for Success ~

Bill Redell, Member of the College Football Hall of Fame, Multi-Award-Winning Coach, Keynote Speaker ~

Eldonna Lewis Fernandez, MSgt USAF Retired, Speaker, Author, Negotiations & Contracts Expert ~ and list-building site,

Dr. Deborah J. Hrivnak, My Coach Deborah, Author, Speaker, America's #1 Action Coach ~

Christopher Rausch, Speaker, Consultant, Author, Radio Host, Creator of The KICKASS Guide to Life ~

Tim Gillette, Speaker, Author, Radio Host, Creator of The Rock-n-Roll Keys to Business Success ~

YOUR Name could be here! Let's chat!

David Hofstetter, Founder/Chief Strategist, The Hofstetter Group ~

Merv Jersak, Project Management Keynote Speaker, Elite Project Management Strategies ~

RockStar Keynote Speakers, Speakers Bureau specializing in connecting meeting planners with unique, high-energy motivational speakers ~

Audra Erwin, the 'High on Life' Coach, Speaker, Author, Radio Host ~

Walt Grassl, Speaker, Radio Host of Stand Up & Speak Up ~

Jeffrey Ralston, Coach Ralston's System for Sport Coaching ~

Hey! Where's YOUR name? Let's chat!

Jodi Santangelo, Speaker, Trainer, Certified Law of Attraction Coach ~

John Freisinger, Speaker, Trainer,
Messaging Strategist ~

52 Get Paid to Speak Tips ~ "tips" site for Darren LaCroix ~

Nancy Brook, Author, Professional Speaker ~

Roy Crawford, Toastmaster-and-Country-Music-Singer ~

-- - -- - -- - --

"Cynthia helped me produce a world-class website that I am very proud of. She gently led me through a very detailed process that helped us create a website that went beyond my expectations. I would recommend her, and frequently do, to anyone looking to create a truly great website."

~ John Freisinger
Professional Speaker / CEO @ TVC

-- - -- - -- - --

Public Speaking Resource Websites ~

--997 Ways to Be a Great Speaker

It's All About the Butterflies...  

Professional Speaker Website

Have you ever tried herding puppies? Or cats? Herding butterflies is a bit like this... but it's a lot more FUN!

For the last decade, I've been privileged to work with some of the best public speaking coaches in the world... Patricia Fripp, Darren LaCroix, Craig Valentine, Mark Brown, Lance Miller, Jim Key, Jock Elliott, and others who are active in the National Speakers Association and/or Toastmasters International.

We had an online public speaking coaching program called World Champions' EDGE. I was the "Chief Butterfly Herder" for hundreds of wonderful EDGE Members from all around the world, providing them with advice & assistance in self-promotion via web, print, and other media, and managing the events, technology, and behind-the-scenes activities of the organization itself.

My life has been so blessed by knowing and working with these amazing speakers, and it was through those relationships that I discovered my true passion. Early on, I came to understand that there's a sort-of "life cycle" that exists in the speaking world and lasts about 5 years, give or take a couple.

Aspiring speakers come into the industry ON FIRE... they're passionate, creative, and focused on changing the world! But, just like with any business, becoming a professional speaker is HARD WORK. Establishing credibility and building your online presence don't just happen overnight and rarely (if ever!) happen without some kind of outside support.

That's where I come in...

If you want to establish a professional, credible online presence,
I would LOVE to help you make that happen!

So... Let's Chat!